Ropes Course

The Southwick Hill Ropes Course
Wilderness Experiences Unlimited offers a complete array of team building programs, facilitation, and collaboration services that focus on the many elements of team development in today’s fast changing work and social environments.

So, why use Adventure Learning?
Studies show that teams learn about high performance when they experience it! At WEU, our clients don’t just talk about success-they experience it together in exciting and invigorating ways.

We have integrated the world’s best performance concepts into our adventure learning experiences. This provides you with a safe, fun and dynamic environment where you can test ideas, practice skills for high performance, and then use your skills to take on exciting and inspirational challenges. Unlike lectures or simulated games, adventure learning offers concrete experiences that are task orientated. Our process is intriguing, thought-provoking and fun, so everyone gets involved, thus creating the blueprints for high performance and cooperative teamwork.

Since 1981, WEU has provided these services to hundreds of organizations, agencies, and schools. Our work has led us to observe and learn some basic and complex principles about teamwork. These observations, described below, direct our approach. We keep these in mind as we deliver a service for our clients. Wilderness Experiences Unlimited is proud to offer you and your group the finest experiential team development programming. By utilizing a dynamic needs assessment process, we are able to design a team building program around your group’s developmental needs. Our program utilizes three conceptual tools to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. The ropes course at Southwick Hill is comprised of a progression and sequence of physical activities that are designed, engineered, and facilitated to promote certain group, social and individual behaviors. By understanding, our clients’ base environment, we are able to facilitate and engineer discussions that will enhance the transfer of learning and behaviors.

For those clients that are not able to travel to our ropes course facility, we offer a portable strategic initiatives. These innovative games and exercises are designed to accommodate the same type of learning objectives identified above in our ropes course program.



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